About Us

About Us

Not all Vape Shops are created equal. 

We know that electronic cigarettes can be an expensive investment. That's why we've dedicated our business to helping you make the switch from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes without breaking the bank.  Based conveniently in San Diego, taking the jump to electronic cigarettes is only a short drive away.

Because we're here for you, we only sell products that our customers want to see. All of our selections are sourced and tested. So, we only stock those mainstream products that we know work well, are durable, cost efficient, and are effective in helping you to quit smoking.

Our eLiquids are handcrafted by us here in San Diego, CA. You can choose to have your eLiquid with a strong or medium level of nicotine.  We also offer all of our eLiquids without nicotine. We carry traditional fruit flavors and even stock a selection of robust custom flavors such as: banana and nutella, gummi candy, blueberry waffles, butterscotch, and more! 

From new users to more seasoned aficionados, we're prepared to assist with any of your electronic cigarette needs. Why wait to take the next step towards a healthier way to smoke?  

Call today or drop by the store to speak with one of our knowledgeable associates.